Fifth Annual Nerdly North

FIVE!  Five of these events!

We are at Wohelo again this year, September 2-5, 2016.

Registration will go live towards the end of April.

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Nerdly North, volume 4

Hey folks,

Clear your schedules for Nerdly North 4, September 4 -7, 2015.

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Nerdly North 3

We’ve done it twice now, that makes it a tradition!

We are back at Camp Maskepetoon this year. Registration is live. 🙂


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Nerdly North 2

Keep your September Long Weekend open, folks, and watch this space for further updates.

(and maybe go look at the When and Where.  you know.  If you’re interested.)

Just sayin’


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Registration is live

Can’t really add much to that, except to say “clink the link in the top bar to get you to the registration page.”

Also, we’ve had a report that folks going to Camp Maskepetoon’s website had their antivirus flag it as a trojan delivery vehicle. Neither of us ran into any issues, but we’re both on 64 bit Windows 7, so it may be targeting a different OS. Browse with caution.


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Site update!

We received an e-mail completely out of the blue earlier this week from our ideal site (the one we couldn’t get because it was completely booked) letting us know they had a cancellation, and were we still interested.

Why yes, yes we are.

Here is our location for this year:

Beautiful lakefront camp, a large hall or outdoor gaming if the weather holds, and 6-8 bunk cabins that are separate from the gaming space instead of right across the hall.



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Announcing a new Nerdly

I wanted a clever title, but creativity failed me.

On and off, over the years, I’ve been wanting to have a mini-con up in this part of the world, because we’ve got a lot of cool gamers that I don’t see or game with enough. I never quite gathered enough momentum to get it off the ground, though.

Enter Nancy McKeown, fresh from a successful run of Nerdly Beach Parties, and also itching to play more games with the many cool gamers we have up here.

The result? The first Nerdly North, our first of many weekends mixing gaming, outdoors, food and friends. September long weekend: mark your calendars!

Our plan is sheer elegance in it’s simplicity, what could possibly go wrong?

-James Brown

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